Welcome to the High Wycombe Society

High Wycombe Society Aims

Aims & Objectives

The Society’s Aims concern the local history, current amenities and future of the town.

High Wycombe Planning


The Planning of the town and the High Wycombe Masterplan.

Pann Mill

Pann Mill

The Pann Mill Restoration project in High Wycombe.

Transport and Infrastructure


Transport covers roads, rail, cycling and other forms of transport.

High Wycombe Heritage


From ancient to modern, Heritage Projects encompass many aspects of the town.

Environment Activities


The River Wye and Wycombe Rye – two treasures within our local Environment.

Welcome to the High Wycombe Society

If you care about our town: its past, its present or its future; then the High Wycombe Society is for you. Whether or not you join us, we aim to act in your interests, and those of generations to come. We are a member of Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement, whose aim is to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. This aim unites our members in our various activities: in Planning, Transport, Heritage and the Environment.

So what does High Wycombe mean to YOU?

When did you last think about our town? Was it to reminisce about its past? Or to engage in plans for its future? Is it the place you call your home? Or do you come to work, shop or sleep?  Would you like to linger longer? Or be sped upon your way? You may already have seen some of us at Pann Mill on one of our Open Days.  The Pann Mill Restoration Project is a great success story, bringing an important aspect of our town’s heritage to the public in a very tangible manner. You might have seen one of our stalls at a local event, visited one of our exhibitions, or perhaps attended one of our public meetings. We aim to stimulate and involve the public in many aspects of our town. If you are already a High Wycombe Society member, we hope you enjoy your newsletter and the opportunities  it offers for you to explore, understand and contribute to our town and its surroundings.

Whoever you are, we hope you will take  time to look around our website. If you find it of interest then we warmly invite you to contact us. .